Restaurant Billing Software

restaurant billing software

Billing Software for Restaurant: Hotres

What is restaurant billing software?

Software that is used to manage or control billing/invoice system of a restaurant called restaurant billing software or system. There are many companies who provide software to manage restaurants but all are not good. is one of the best restaurants billing software provider company in Jaipur, India helps managing invoices with multi-featured software. Hotres billing software have the option to manage restaurant by multiple counters.

Why we need software to manage restaurant billing system?

Calculation or invoices can be managed manually or using a software. If we talk about restaurant billing then it is very difficult and time consuming task to write down the times prices manually and then calculating them. This takes time and nobody either restaurant manager or customer would like to wait to pay the bill. To make the things faster and billing accurate we need to use software to manage restaurant billing. Presenting erroneous bills to customers can damage your restaurant’s reputation. So it is necessary to use a proper management system to track the record of each and every bills and payments.

What are the features of a restaurant billing software provided by hotres?

Kitchens Orders: This feature is used to manage the status of orders by customers.

Table management: Buy using this feature we can manage the tables and customers. We can check how many tables are available for customers presenting in the restaurant.

Reservation: Using hotres restaurant billing software you can reserve the tables for future or you can check the availability for future reservation.

Invoice Printing: This billing system provides printing sales invoices to manage the records of each delivery and all the functions for order management with a user friendly interface to manage your order types in a single view.

Integrated with POS: It is integrated with POS. It helps you to receive notification each time your order is been made and notify the servers when an order is ready to serve, thus improving time.


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