Management in Restaurant

Management in Restaurant

Management in Restaurants is not the most exciting factor today. Everyone loves food and enjoys dining out which often leads to cherished memories, but the problem occurs in maintaining the transaction or invoices or services if your restaurant is omnipresent and that does not make it into those wonderful memories. It often leads in degrade your reputation.

Hotres is a complete solution specially designed for hotels and restaurants to make orders and delivery processes easy and providing a centralized control of kitchen order taking and management system. This management system handles various processes like seat allocation, availability of seats for future orders, order delivery, KOT system, add to cart or selecting the product for the order, checking chef availability, billing process, invoice generating, order closing and final account assessment. This application works very well and manages everything greatly simplifying and speeding up the entire order taking and delivery process.


  • Advance Web Solutions like CMS,ERP,POS,E-commerce,Inventory
  • 24*7 Customer Support and service.
  • Experts in development of MIS and DSS.
  • Masters in static and dynamic Websites.
  • A very good team of designers, developers And testers in JAVA, .NET&PHP.
  • We have been made some of very good utility software`s for all Kinds of users


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